Opera by G.Verdi.
PromFest’s opera production in 2011 with Anatoli Sivko the winner of Klaudia Taev Competition (2009) in the title role.


“Attila” is a rather rare guest on the opera stages, even MET ‘took it into its play schedule for the first time only in 2010. The opera is youthfully fiery and full of paradoxes, just like Verdi himself at the time of writing. Perhaps it is all the more appropriate that only 24-year-old Belarusian bass Anatoly Sivko took the stage with this role.

“On the one hand, Attila is a tragic story of forbidden love, in which the daughter of a military commander falls in love with his father’s assassin and conqueror of his homeland. At the same time, Attila also has a deep clash on a human level – between Attila as a primitive, natural human nature and an insidious society and system. The background of the story is definitely the conflict of cultures, in which you can see parallels with what is happening between the Christian and Islamic world today, “said director Üllar Saaremäe.

Premiere on 4th June 2011 Endla Theatre, Pärnu, Estonia

PromFest’s co-production with The Kaunas State Musical Theatre

Musical Director and Conductor – Erki Pehk
Stage Director – Üllar Saaremäe
Set and Costume designer – Madis Nurms
Choreographer – Oleg Titov
Lighting designer – Margus Vaigur

Attila – Anatoli Sivko (Belarus)
Odabella – Sandra Janušaite (Lithuania)
Ezio – Vladislav Sulimski (Russia/Belarus)
Foresto – Erik Fenton (USA)
Pope – Mati Palm (Estonia)

The orchestra and chorus of the Kaunas State Music Theatre
Chorus master: Rasa Vaitkevičiūtė
Concertmaster of the orchestra: Povilas Grigas