Become a part of the Pärnu International Opera Music Festival and you will be part of the one of the most wonderful autumn events in the heart of Pärnu.

PromFest is open for cooperation with privately owned companies to develop the field of opera music in Estonia. We want to make the hopes and dreams of our festival participants come true together.

Joining is easy, but the benefits keep on growing, as we’re always thinking of more opportunities to offer our Supporters throughout the year. You’ll also become an integral part of a movement that’s keeping opera in Estonia vital and alive, for this and for future generations.

Opera, concert and drama – the beginning of each production is an idea created by artists from all over the world. As such ideas unfortunately come at a price, we need your financial support. In this way, our employees can make their artistic dreams come true in our workshops.
VIP Access to Performances and Events.
Exclusive Invitations to Meet & Greets with Artists.

Over the years, nearly 400 young singers from 54 different countries have participated in the Klaudia Taevi competition in Pärnu, awareness of what is happening in Pärnu has spread widely to new generations of singers across Europe, neighboring countries (Baltic countries, Finland) and Eastern Europe (Belarus, Ukraine). With you support, we can offer scholarships to our finalists to make their dreams come true.

Over the years, jury members and key persons from well-known European and world opera theaters have flocked to Pärnu – people who determine processes in the opera world and are now aware of the existence of Pärnu and Estonia. The instructors of the master class are exclusively world-class singers, whose teachings many would like to hear and whose name brings us new people and guests. Together we could bring more well-known opera singers to Estonia.

Support us with your financial contribution, with your products or entrepreneurial/business expertise and assist in making dreams happen. Become our partner for the future!

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